How to Buy

How to Buy Kaspersky lab Products?

Home Users

When purchasing a Kaspersky product for your PC, smartphone or tablet, you can choose the "electronic" or the "boxed" version of the product.

Electronic Version

Download the software installation file and documentation (the user guide or the quick start guide) from our site; get activation code via email. A quick and easy way to get the software at any time of day or night.

You do not have to dispose of the product's packaging – you simply don't have it.

You can make such purchase in our online store.

Boxed Version

In this case, you can get your hands on our "real" product, but you will have to bring your purchase from the store yourself or ask to bring to you by courier. The boxed version is sold by our major retail and other partners in all of Latvia.

Small and Medium Business

Kaspersky products for the network protection of small and medium companies can be purchased either electronically in our online store or from our major trading and other partners nationwide.

Large Companies

You should buy not a single product, but rather an integrated solutionthat protects your corporate network and supports all its characteristics.

Please complete the application form in the corporate solutions section of our website; or you can ask about it our major trading and other partners nationwide.