Information security hazards

Now more than ever, sound universal protection of the business information area against both external and internal malicious attacks is required.

  • In recent years, experts have found that viruses cause deeper losses. Data published in 2010 by the Ponemon Institute show that average annual losses of a single USA organization due to cybercrime activities amount to USD 3.8 million, a remarkable share of which is caused directly by malware.

  • Losses caused by junk mail grow year by year. More and more viruses and Trojan horses are spread with unrequested mails. Losses are also caused in the process of sorting and reading of junk mail; various calculations show that they make USD 50–200 per employee annually, and the sum is growing.

  • Losses caused by cybercrimes of hackers and thefts of confidential information carried out by company staff members, have already reached hundreds of billions USD.

Why do major customers choose Kaspersky Lab

  1. The company Kaspersky Lab has tremendous experience in the fight against computer viruses, attacks of hackers, junk mail and other IT hazards. The safe operation of our products and the high quality of our services has been repeatedly praised by impartial international experts.

  2. Kaspersky Lab provides complex protection of IT systems for their corporate customers.

  3. Most advanced methods are applied in developing the products; hence, they can be successfully integrated into the existing systems. This enables offering a solution, which is as closely adequate to client's needs as possible.

  4. Kaspersky Lab guarantees first-rate service to their customers. Antivirus laboratory and combatants of junk mail work continuously and guarantee IT security 24 hours a day.

  5. The company Kaspersky Lab has an efficient partnership network. Partners' enterprises help the customers everywhere operatively solve any problem that can arise during configuration and operation of the system.

This is not only antivirus

Selling of an antivirus protection system is not enough. You need a system, which guarantees comprehensive security and complies with all specific features of your computer network.

Therefore, network analysis and auditing of existing means of protection is performed at first, the more vulnerable sections are found and recommendations are worked out.

Only then, an IT security system is supplied on the basis of Kaspersky Lab product line.

After launching the system, your specialists will be additionally trained for work with the system if necessary, and we will stay in close contact with you during the whole system operation period, providing technical support.