Rigorous protection
    • Award-winning anti-malware

      Powerful security technologies – running on your device – combine with real-time, cloud-assisted defenses… to protect you against the latest viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malware threats.

    • Instant safety checks

      Every file and app you download or open – and every website you visit – is automatically checked… to ensure it’s safe.

    • Automatic Exploit Prevention

      Vulnerabilities within commonly used applications can give hackers a gateway into your PC. Our Automatic Exploit Prevention scans your PC for vulnerabilities and controls the actions of any applications that contain vulnerabilities – so that hackers can’t exploit them.

    • FREE, automatic updates 1

      Whenever we introduce new features or new security technologies into the product, you’ll get them delivered to your computer – without you even having to click a button. So you won’t ever have to worry about whether your protection is up-to-date.
      1 Free updates and upgrades are only available during valid license period.

    • Safer networking

      When you’re using your PC, our Wi-Fi Security Notification feature automatically verifies the security of the Wi-Fi connection you’re using. It checks for vulnerabilities, warns you about potential risks and advises you on adjusting your security settings.

    • Application Control

      Application Control and Trusted Applications Mode make it easy to prevent harmful applications from running on your PC – so only applications that you trust are allowed to run. Programs are also blocked from making audio recordings of you & your surroundings.

    • Safe surfing

      Our Safe Surf technology warns you about potentially malicious websites. In addition, URL Advisor uses cloud-based data – about the reputation of websites – and displays a color-coded icon to show you whether a link is ‘Trusted’, ‘Suspicious’ or ‘Dangerous’.

    • System Watcher & Anti-Blocker

      System Watcher secures your PC against dangerous behavior by malware infections – and it lets you rollback malicious actions. In addition, our Anti-Blocker technology helps to unblock your computer if it’s infected by a blocker Trojan.

    • Change Control

      If a program changes your PC’s browser settings – in a way that makes it easier for annoying adware or toolbars to interrupt your online experience – Change Control will give you an alert.

    • Network Attack Blocker

      Our Network Attack Blocker detects suspicious actions and blocks attacks – so cybercriminals can’t compromise your security or impair the performance of your computer.

    • Anti-Banner

      The powerful anti-banner engine blocks annoying – and potentially dangerous – banner adverts.

    • Anti-Spam

      Spam messages can be distracting and time consuming. That’s why our Anti-Spam technologies prevent them reaching your device.

    for efficiency
    • Device Space Cleanup

      Declutters your PC of duplicate and large files, as well as unused apps on your Android device.

    • App Management

      Helps stop apps that might freeze your PC, and reminds you to update apps so they stay fast and secure.

    • Gamer Mode

      Our special Gamer Mode lets you enjoy a totally uninterrupted, ‘full-on’ gaming experience – so you can ‘lose yourself in the action’.

    • Do Not Disturb Mode

      Switches on & off automatically to ensure zero distractions and faster PC performance while you're gaming, working or streaming movies.

    • Hard Drive Health Monitor

      Monitors performance, condition and temperature of your internal and external hard drives. It notifies you instantly if problems are detected.

    • Simplified security management

      My Kaspersky account makes it easy to manage your security. Whenever you’re online, you can check the security & license status of all your online devices that are running Kaspersky Lab security software and adjust key security features for your PC, Mac and Mobile devices. My Kaspersky account also gives you easy access to technical support.

    Security for
    multiple devices
    • One product is all you need

      A single product – with one license – lets you protect any combination* of PCs, Mac computers, Android phones or Android tablets… so you benefit from rigorous protection technologies, regardless of whether you’re at home or you’re out and about.

      * The product can be installed on the number of devices granted by the license that you purchase.

    Identity protection
    & more
    • Webcam Protection

      Innovative security technology prevents unauthorized, remote access to your PC’s webcam – so no one can use it to spy on you or your surroundings.

    • Private Browsing

      For PCs, our Private Browsing feature prevents the tracking of your web browsing habits and blocks the capture of your personal information.

    • Secure Keyboard

      When you open a bank or payment website, our Secure Keyboard technology automatically prevents keylogger malware from accessing the data that you type on your PC’s keyboard.

    • On-screen Keyboard

      Our Virtual Keyboard technology lets you input confidential data into your computer – without using a keyboard. Instead, you can enter data by using mouse clicks – so your data is safe from capture by keyloggers and more.

    • Stalkerware Detection

      Warns you about apps installed on your PC or Android devices that spy on you and track your activity.

    Protection for photos,
    music & more
    • Backup, Encryption and File Shredder – for your PC

      Scheduled, automatic backup helps to keep your photos and other files safe – while our easy-to-use data encryption lets you convert confidential files into a form that is unreadable to unauthorized users. Furthermore, our File Shredder totally shreds your unwanted files.

    • Online backup

      Cloud-based backup lets you upload files from your PC – so you can keep online copies of your photos, videos, music, financial documents & more8. It’s easy to share your digital assets – and you can access them on any of your devices.

      8 Online backup service is provided by Dropbox. The maximum capacity of the free storage service may vary in accordance with any changes in Dropbox’s standard conditions. Additional backup storage capacity is available for an additional charge.

    Premium Support
    • 24/7 Remote IT Support

      Priority access to Kaspersky Lab support experts* whenever you need them. It includes remote installation services, virus check and removal and a PC health check.

      * Technical support is provided by the software manufacturer. For more detailed information on the terms of the service provided, please see - here.