Kaspersky Total Security

USD 40.37

Licenses for 1, 2, 3, and 4 devices include 1 Kaspersky Password Manager user account and 1 Kaspersky Safe Kids parent account, while a 5-device license includes 2 Kaspersky Password Manager user accounts and 1 Kaspersky Safe Kids parent account. These applications can be used on any number of Windows and Mac computers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices within the number of My Kaspersky accounts specified in the license.

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Highest transparency and reliability! Kaspersky product source code, updates, malware detection rules, and technical and business processes are available for review by government regulators and partners in the Transparency Centers onsite and virtually, while the Kaspersky Security Network digital infrastructure is located in high-security data centers in Switzerland. More info here.

All your security needs in one product

Multi-device family security – with antivirus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager, VPN and 87 more technologies – all in one license.

Also includes:

  • the multiplatform product Kaspersky Safe Kids won high marks in tests at no extra charge (allows to restrict access to sex, drugs, violence, weapons, etc. resources on the Internet; control time, apps, communications, and even a child's location within a certain perimeter, as well as offers other options on an unlimited number of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices for an unlimited number of children from a parent account, see video);
  • very convenient multi-platform password manager Kaspersky Password Manager at no extra charge;
  • qualified local technical support in Latvia and product upgrades at no additional cost.

Know more: Kaspersky takes 1st place in 76% of tests, demonstrating technological excellence - AV-TEST has awarded Kaspersky consumer and business solutions with the "Best Protection", "Best Performance" and "Best Usability" awards

  • Blocks viruses, cryptolockers & other threats
  • Protects payments, with bank-grade encryption*
  • Secures passwords & images of personal documents
  • Encrypts data you send & receive online – VPN**
  • Stops webcam spies watching you in your home*
  • Helps guard kids – advanced parental controls
*  PC and Mac only.
**  Free version allows 200MB of data traffic protected per device, per day.


Kaspersky Total Security
Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits
System Requirements
System Requirements
Pictures and Video
Pictures and Video
Protects your ‘digital life’
against Internet threats & more”
Hundreds of thousands of new malware items are being unleashed by cybercriminals… every day. That’s why our cloud-assisted security continually adds to your defenses against malware and Internet dangers. We also block banner adverts and let you filter out annoying spam messages.
Secures any combination of PCs, Mac & Android devices
Whichever device you use to go online, our innovative security technologies deliver multi-layered protection. Furthermore, because it’s easy to lose mobile devices, we’ve included anti-theft features that let you lock, wipe and locate lost or stolen Android devices.
Safeguards your privacy and defends against identity theft
Phishing attacks – that can try to steal your identity or your money – are automatically blocked. In addition, our Webcam Protection* technology stops criminals using your own webcam to spy on you. We also prevent the tracking* of your web browsing habits and the capture of your personal information.
Adds extra layers of security for online banking & shopping
Whenever you use your PC or Mac to visit a banking, shopping or payment website, our unique Safe Money technology checks that the site is secure, ensures you’re not being tricked by a fake site and then opens the website in a special, protected mode.
Helps you keep your kids safe from Internet dangers & more
Award-winning Parental Control features – running on your PC or Mac – make it easy for you to manage your kids’ app downloads, prevent access to inappropriate web content & games.
Secure your passwords and accounts
We all have a lot of passwords. Create the passwords, safely store and permanently restore them — it's an unpleasant waste of time and an additional risk. Leave behind these unnecessary worries, let a special application on each of your devices manage the creation, storage, lookup and synchronization of your passwords.
Protects your photos, music, financial documents and files
Local and online backup* let you store duplicate copies of your photos, music and more. If your PC develops a fault, you’ll be able to access all the precious files stored in your online backup – via any compatible device. You can also encrypt* your files – so unauthorized users can’t read them – and, when you want to delete a file from your PC, you can totally ‘shred’* it.
Delivers world-class security… without slowing you down
Our security technologies combine protection & efficiency – so they work ‘behind the scenes’, without slowing down your ‘digital life’.
Simplifies security management… across all your devices
A free My Kaspersky account lets you manage your security – across all your computers, tablets & phones – from anywhere that you can access the Web. You can check each device’s security & license status and adjust key security settings** – plus download free Kaspersky Lab products. My Kaspersky also gives you easy access to technical support.

* Available for PCs only.

** Available for PCs and Mac computers only.