Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Named ‘Product of the Year’ by PC Security Labs

26 February 2015
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Named ‘Product of the Year’ by PC Security Labs
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android has received the “Product of the year” award from the independent Chinese company PC Security Labs following the results it produced during a series of Android Malware Detection Tests.

In 2014, PC Security Labs carried out three tests – in January, in August and in November – to evaluate security solutions for devices running under Google Android.

All three tests used the same methodology. Samples of more than 2,000 recent active pieces of malware and legitimate applications were written on to the device’s SD card; after that, the security product was installed on the device and upgraded to use its most recent version and latest antivirus database. Then the testers launched the scan feature. If the scan failed to detect any of the malicious objects, the testers would attempt to install them manually. If there was no scanning feature in the security solution under review, and malicious programs could only be detected on installation, PCSL’s experts launched each file manually.

In all three tests, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android had solid results, preventing the launch of malicious applications without affecting the work of legitimate software. As a result, Kaspersky Lab solution earned a five-star certificate from PC Security Labs.

"Kaspersky Lab experts carefully study the constantly changing landscape of Internet threats. According to a report published in 2014, the Android platform is of particular interest for cybercriminals, which is why our cybersecurity experts focus their attention on protection against mobile threats. Thanks to their meticulous work, Kaspersky Lab solutions quickly detect the latest threats," said Timur Biyachuev, Director of Anti-Malware research, Kaspersky Lab.

PC Security Labs is not the only independent company which recognizes the effectiveness of Kaspersky Lab solutions for Android OS: in 2014, this solution performed well in the trials carried out by other testers, for example, AV-Test.