How to make an order

Completion of order

Step 1 – Choose Kaspersky's product:

    • Choose the Kaspersky's product you want to purchase. Next, choose the required number of licenses.
    • Press the button "Add to cart". Your order has been moved to the section Shopping cart.

Step 2 – Order

    • In the section Shopping cart you can check your order; in case changes are required, press "Clear cart", and you will be returned to Step 1.
    • If the order is right, press "Continue".

Step 3 – Customer information

    • To perform your order, customer information should be completed.
    • If you are a physical entity, choose the button "Private person". Enter the required information so that we could reliably perform your order.
    • If you are a legal entity, choose the button "Legal entity". Enter the required information so that we could reliably perform your order.
    • Read the provisions of the remote agreement. Tick your agreeing to the contract provisions, so that the order could be fulfilled.
    • Attention! The specified e-mail must be existing, because the activation code of the chosen product will be sent to this e-mail address.

Step 4 – Payment for the purchase

  • Choose your best way of payment:

           1. Credit card.

           2. One of the listed online banking.

           3. Bank transfer.

  • If you choose payment by credit card or through online banking reference, your order will be immediately processed.
  • If you choose payment by bank transfer, the advance payment invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. You can pay the invoice in any bank on your choice by a transfer to the account number specified by the Seller. The invoice can be paid within 3 days; otherwise the invoice will be cancelled.
  • Please, make sure your data have been entered correctly. Make sure your specified e-mail address is correct; otherwise the shipment can be delayed.
  • The order will be conveyed to fulfillment only upon receipt of 100% advance payment.