• 16 February 2015
    The Great Bank Robbery: Carbanak cybergang steals $1bn from 100 financial institutions worldwide
    Kaspersky Lab, INTERPOL, Europol and authorities from different countries have combined efforts to uncover the criminal plot behind an unprecedented cyberrobbery. Up to one billion American dollars was stolen in about two years from financial institutions worldwide. The experts report that responsibility for the robbery rests with a multinational gang of cybercriminals from Russia, Ukraine and other parts of Europe, as well as from China. The Carbanak criminal gang responsible for the cyberrobbery used techniques drawn from the arsenal of targeted attacks. The plot marks the beginning of a new stage in the evolution of cybercriminal activity, where malicious users steal money directly from banks, and avoid targeting end users.
  • 6 October 2014
    Kaspersky Lab Broadens Cooperation with Both INTERPOL and Europol
    Kaspersky Lab has signed a cooperation agreement with INTERPOL and a memorandum of understanding with Europol to extend the scope of collaboration between the company and the law enforcement agencies in their joint fight against cybercrime.
  • 9 September 2014
    City of London Police and Kaspersky Lab lead the way in combatting fraud
    Kaspersky Lab joins forces with City of London Police to educate police forces and businesses across Britain on ways to tackle cybercrime