Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response gets highest rating in Gartner Peer Insights™

21 February 2022
Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response gets highest rating in Gartner Peer Insights™
Kaspersky has received its highest evaluation from customers on Gartner Peer Insights™ for its Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response. As of February 8 , 2022, the company has received an overall rating of five out of five, based on 33 verified reviews, with 100% of users willing to recommend the solution.

Up to February 8, 2022, 33 industry customers have contributed to the overall five-star rating and reviewed Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response on Gartner Peer Insights. The reviewers are representatives of different industries, including government, service, finance, manufacturing and healthcare across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.

The customers highlighted the key benefits of outsourcing threat detection with Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response service, such as continuous 24/7 protection, a high level of expertise in threat protection, reliability and ease of use. The service combines detection technologies, including a machine learning-based detection engine, with extensive expertise in threat hunting and incident response from Kaspersky’s professional units. Thanks to that, customers are protected even from threats that evade detection, for example, by mimicking legitimate programs.


Accompanying comments within reviews have included the following:

“Overall support received from Kaspersky is exceptional. They are always eager to help/guide and assist where they can. We have been with Kaspersky for a couple years now and the solution has proven itself time and again,”a security and risk management professional in the healthcare industry.

“We got the Kaspersky MDR to get an additional layer of security in our company. And to get professional help responding to cyber attacks. So far we only had a few minor "attacks" that didn't need any big response (dangerous Email Attachments). But when we had a device that seemed infected, a real Person called and assisted us with what steps we should take to properly mitigate the attack. In case of a real attack, a experienced professional response is invaluable and necessary to minimize damages. So far we are really satisfied with the product and feel well prepared to handle any attack,”a system integrator in the manufacturing industry.

“This software enables us to balance load between internal IS officers and Kaspersky's stuff. By doing so we are now able to articulate our competences on the most important issues inside the company,”a security and risk management professional in the government industry.

All reviews on Gartner Peer Insights for Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response are available here. For more information about Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response please download a datasheet.

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