New version of Kaspersky Password Manager helps to keep valuable digital data in order

28 June 2019
Kaspersky has released a new version of its freemium solution: Kaspersky Password Manager. The solution further simplifies the process of organizing valuable private data – from passwords to documents and photographs. Kaspersky Password Manager now allows users to view and store PDF documents and assign uploaded files to categories, making finding a document faster and more convenient. The new version also adds the ability to check if a password has been compromised in leaked public databases. Further, it supports multiplatform usage scenarios, so that one account can manage the secure vault across all user devices.

Today, users are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their valuable data under control. They are acquiring more and more credentials to various entertainment and social media accounts. They also want to maintain access to digital copies of documents that hold private information. To keep this information protected, yet still available for regular daily usage (i.e. for online shopping, e-government or car rental services), people need a ‘magic box’, which enables them to find the right file, document or credentials at the right time. Kaspersky Password Manager allows users to manage valuable digital data both securely and effectively, anywhere and from any device.  

Users can now upload driver's licenses, passports/IDs, bank cards, insurance files and other types of valuable documents as JPG, other image formats, or multipage PDF. Users can then assign the right category to the uploaded file for easy access and quick search.

Large scale private account information leaks have become a reality. From the 2013, Yahoo breach, to the recent Collection #1 publication that contained more than a billion unique email and password combinations. All were made available on popular hacker forums. Traditional techniques for creating strong passwords (password length, presence of special symbols, etc.) are not enough anymore. Users have to pay more attention than ever before and adopt proactive security measures to keep their data safe. Users need to stay alert about the security of their accounts. The new version of Kaspersky Password Manager will even warn a user if the password they have chosen has appeared in databases with compromised accounts.

Kaspersky Password Manager is a secure, multiplatform advanced manager available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Web Version. The tool secures passwords, identifies weak ones and generates strong replacements with Password Generator, securely auto-filling login credentials and storing user’s personal data in an encrypted private vault. Once everything is synced, the data is always to hand and ready to use.  

Kaspersky Password Manager has a Free and a Premium version. The difference is the number of records kept in the vault, with the Free version being limited to 15 entries. All the above-mentioned new functionality is fully available in both. Users can learn more about the new version of Kaspersky Password Manager, as well as download the Free version or buy an extended one, here.