Kaspersky Safe Kids

USD 8.80

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Highest transparency and reliability! Kaspersky product source code, updates, malware detection rules, and technical and business processes are available for review by government regulators and partners in the Transparency Centers onsite and virtually, while the Kaspersky Security Network digital infrastructure is located in high-security data centers in Switzerland. More info here.

By purchasing a product license for one parent account, you can connect and control all your children and all their Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android smartphones and tablets.

Designed to help you protect your kids online and beyond

Manage their screen time

View their location & battery level

Block bad YouTube search requests

Know more: Kaspersky takes 1st place in 76% of tests, demonstrating technological excellence - AV-TEST has awarded Kaspersky consumer and business solutions with the "Best Protection", "Best Performance" and "Best Usability" awards


 Kaspersky Safe Kids
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System Requirements
System Requirements

How to get started – on PC, Mac & mobile


  • Kaspersky Safe Kids includes an app for your child and a parent app which get connected via your My Kaspersky account
  • An app on your kid’s device helps you regulate your child’s activities
  • An app on your mobile lets you see reports and customize settings
  • You can also manage your child’s app settings and check reports via your My Kaspersky account

How it keeps your kids safe online

  • Allows you to block access to adult websites and content*
  • Blocks harmful YouTube search requests on topics like drugs & alcohol
  • Helps you manage access to games & inappropriate apps*
  • Lets you manage their screen time by device*
  • Shares expert advice and tips from child psychologists on online topics


How it helps you protect your kids in the real world


  • Uses a GPS tracker so you can locate their whereabouts on a real-time online map
  • Lets you define a safe area for them to stay in and alerts you instantly if they step beyond it
  • Tells you when they’re running low on battery so you can warn them to plug in

* Full functionality is available for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets. Owing to restrictions with the operating system for iOS devices, it’s not possible to block children’s iPhones & iPads; web control is only available via browsing through the Kaspersky Safe Kids app, and for app management, it's only possible to apply age-appropriate limitations.